Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I was going through my iPhoto jungle today and came across this photo that I had taken earlier in the year. I'm not gonna tell you what it was from or instill any ideas in your head as to why it was taken. Instead I want to hear from you guys. I really want to connect with my viewers and make them feel something from my images. What story is this image telling you? Don't be shy now haha


  1. hey there Jenna!

    thanks for your comment!
    your photos look really really nice!
    so pure and sophisticated. Keep up the great work
    Cool that you are from Australia!

    i'll keep following your blog! looks great

    take care


  2. Hello Jenna!

    I don't know what I think those girls were doing, but it seems to be a funny thing. I think they were trying to see something, maybe an animal.

    Good blog.

  3. Great pic, be careful,life, decision time, near the edge. I see you are starting out, don't shy away from anything interesting that may drop into your life.

  4. love the pic...very artistic :)

  5. Hello Jenna,

    Lovely picture i get inspired by it. It leaves allot to the imagination and gives the viewer to be a part of the picture.

    With kind regards,

    Martin Sweers

  6. this reminds me of a story where little lambs cross a bridge, and try and escape the evil spirits living underneath.
    it's magic at its finest - lovely, lovely, lovely.

  7. just looks like some girls messing around and having a good time in the summer, i like it! x

  8. actually a really amazing photo! looks like endless, summer fun to me:)

    xx raez

  9. hey..today i was tinking about your blog and that i haven't been here a little while...

    I love this photo! To me it looks like that these people are searching for something..maybe they look out for the meaning of life... or the just wanna find the real love ??? i don't know...

    But everybody sees a diffrent story in this picture ...


    i look foward to see more of your work...

  10. Hey thumper the bearfooted girls in the photo resemble a free inner spirit that combines perfectly with the natural rythms of nature shown through the rock bridge along with the flow of water. The noticeble breeze evident through the girls white dress blowing around supports that idea of the free spirit almost like the dove bird. Overall i think the photo shows how nature brings the free spirit out.

  11. your photos are lovely, keep up the great work!


I appreciate all your comments and feedback ♥