Monday, June 7, 2010



I love how soft and flattering natural light is. I'll admit it can be a pain in the butt when it's not in the exact position that you want and casts shadows where they're not welcome but when you get that shot where the lighting is just right it's all worth it. Maybe I love natural light so much because I haven't had much experience with studio lighting and flashes. I definitely do want to explore them though.

I've actually hired a Nikon SB900 Flash and a few different lenses from this great (very affordable) Melbourne based
company for the Celtic Festival that I'm shooting at this weekend. I'm a bit nervous actually, it's a pretty big event and I haven't done anything of this size before. Does anyone have any events photography tips for me?

Above is a photo I took of a dancer friend of mine, Jemma for her portfolio. I think it's really soft and dreamy and right now that natural light is kicking artificial light up the butt.


  1. Nothing beats natural light in my opinion! it gives a natural look which is always casts a more beautiful picture :)love your blog! will be following!

  2. Thanks Away with the Fairies... I totally agree, I'm yet to be swayed! (I can't even figure out how to reply directly to your comment but I hope you know I appreciate your feedback and am stoked you will be following along!) Off to check out your blog.

  3. aaaamzing !
    love the blog andddd following :)

  4. GORGEOUS!! Beautiful natural light :)
    Hope you have a lovely week & I wish you all the very best for the Celtic festival!! xxx


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