Sunday, June 6, 2010

you are beautiful


I'm a night time worker aaaaand eater haha. I love having a bag of chocolates holding my hand through photo retouching but it's also depressing editing images of these flawless looking models while I sit there inhaling a bag of peanut m&ms. I can't wait to work professionally in the fashion industry (I'm determined to make it happen!) but I'm also pretty anxious about always comparing myself to them. In saying that, the thing I do love about the fashion industry is it's becoming more and more diverse. There are so many unique looking models that push the boundaries of the definition of beauty that it makes me grateful that we all have our own individual look. Look at Bambi with her big bushy eyebrows, Abbey Lee with her gappy teeth and Lily Cole with her alabaster skin and fiery red locks. Ahhh Okay I'm glad I had that little talk with myself, feeling much better and back to the m&ms...

Above is a photo that I took of my friend Tessa who is such a unique beauty

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  1. she is very beautiful indeed! great photo :) wish i could take 'em like that!


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