Sunday, June 6, 2010



Where are those m&ms when you need them... oh the joys of having a drop dead gorgeous sister. Today we decided to skip the normal couch potato sunday with trackies, chocolate and continuous Sex & The City episodes and head out for a photoshoot. Instead of throwing anything and everything into the dress up bag this time, we selected specific clothing to suit a raw, relaxed theme. I wanted the images to have a really content and earthy feel to them and for Sim to feel that there was nothing to worry about, that it can all wait and just for now, for a few hours all there is to do is relax and think about things that she is grateful for. I was really happy with how they turned out. Sim Bim helped me with the post-production when we got home - in our trackies of course, eating chocolate with the relaxing sounds of Carrie Bradshaw in the background.


  1. oh, thank you so much! I'm sorry, I'll tell you when I get to Australia sometime ;).

    By the way, I love your blog! beautiful pictures !

  2. Oh you definitely have to! haha Thanks so much Moe. x

  3. these are so beautiful! they make me feel so relaxed. your work is brilliant

  4. love the third pictures. your blog is lovely and your photos amazing! x

  5. beautiful are these photos...i really like them...they are so soft and calm!

    i'm glad that i found your blog!!!

  6. Stunning Simona.
    Jen you're so talented, you capture so much more than just an image.

    I really love how natural everything is, nothing posed.

    Sezzy T

  7. are so cute and beautiful , I love backgrounds of your pictures as well ..wish to gi Australia , it must be wonderful country ..

    ..and black is good colour just accessorize with other colours if black is more comfortable colour for you : ) black is so classic ..

    Ellinelle xxx


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