Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I'm thinking a move is on the cards. I'm heading overseas soon for 4 months of traveling but I already have a feeling that I'm going to fall in love with Europe and want to stay there. I mean Australia is absolutely beautiful but the idea of being somewhere foreign makes me so curious and intrigued. Maybe I'll get over there and be disappointed but right now I am pining to live in a place full of culture and unique personalities who share a passion to create and be yourself.

I feel like I get most of my inspiration from reading blogs and connecting with other artists online. I want to walk out of my front door each morning and be overwhelmed with inspiration. Maybe I'm dreaming and this doesn't exist, but I'd rather be optimistic and a fool, than pessimistic and right.

This is a photo I took of a friend of mine who just came back from a tour of Europe... Ahh I'm so in love with natural light.


  1. Nice photo !!! : )


  2. I hope your trip to Europe is everything you hope for! Looking forward to seeing all your amazing photos :) x

  3. Beautiful photography babe, so glad you visited my blog. Now I can follow yours. :)

    Ps you will adore Europe. x

  4. Beautiful blog! You have really amazing pictures, very inspiring :)

  5. I am so so so happy that I found your blog, or rather you find mine (inspiration blog)

    I love your photography

    You are very talented

    and guess what, I leave for a month stay in Europe next Friday! I am thrilled

    I cannot wait to get there

    I will be taking tons and tons of photographs

    and I'm going to Paris for a week!!!! I've had a Paris obsession for years. I might have to buy another memory card.


    well, I hope you and I both have lovely and safe trips!

    you simply must blog the entire time; i will be reading (bloglovin!)

  6. OMG! I'm following you
    I'm so addicted to this photo, GREAT

    Thank you for your comment, you're so sweet
    Keep following
    Love, johanna

  7. Wow this photograph is so amazing, you definitely have a talent, and also very pretty friends :)
    Good luck with your move, if you decide to take it!

    Vanilah xx


  8. ..woooow ..that picture is so amazing , it looks uber professional , your friend is beautiful in that picture , I hope she have it framed : ) if not - make her surprise : )

    your blog is lovely , it's very hard to start and get followers but you will di good , I like how you write - interesting to read ..

    ..you will love europe , every country have theit own little things what makes them unique ..where you will go ?

    Ellinelle xxx

  9. I just can't stop watching this photo it's so pretty.

    Thank you so much for your comment, it’s so nice of you. Did you add me on facebook?
    Keep following ,
    ♥, Johanna

  10. ..hey sweetie ..
    ..oh my ..that will be such an amazing journey for you , so many countries in one go ..
    ..About UK ? I only live in England For last 4 years and I don't even know what to answer to your question : ) it's just so many things here to see , also how long you will stay in uk !personally I love english people charm , I loooove the countryside - gardens and lanscape ..try English little cupcakes ; ) all the small coffee places , enjoy the sharm of London with all the magical places ..and take a lot of pictures - like red post boxes and buses : )
    ..I'm looking forward to see your journey in pictures ..I am going away as well , next monday to Latvia , capital Riga ..can't wait ..

    have a great day ; )
    Ellinelle xxx


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