Friday, August 19, 2011

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I have a new website up that my little bro put together for me - if anyone needs a website he's a clever thing so just contact me at He manages to talk on the phone, update his facebook and play playstation all at the same time lets say he knows his IT ha!

These are a few snaps from my Europe trip. I just love people watching. It really intrigues me the way people go about their day and how there are so many diverse personalities in the world. They were all in their own little world with their rambling minds and had no idea I was watching them. It really fascinates me how everyone is constantly with their own thoughts and no one else can hear them. I always wonder who is really being themselves and who is changing who they are to fit into what society says is acceptable. I bet if everyone had to speak exactly what their mind was saying for one day we'd see most people in a completely different light. Some people might disappoint us and others might completely blow us away.

I'll stop rambling in a second but it reminds me how facebook can be really judgemental and based on physical appearance. After a quick skim of your photos and status updates, someone can completely make up their mind as to what kind of person you are without even meeting you face to face. I don't really like that so I make an effort to leave judgement until I honestly know my facebook pals. Join the club :)


  1. Wonderful pictures. I love the one with the pigeons!

  2. i absolutely loooooove the photo with the doves, it's so amazing!!!
    and the last one is great, too. your writing and thoughts are very lovely to read and so honest. really enjoy it. it's really interesting how communication in the internet is developing at the moment. when you next come to europe, welcome, visit us in germany! :) i follow your blog now, how comes you found us on twitter? :)



    1. Thank you Marija that's so kind. I will definitely be in contact if I make it to Germany again. Keep in touch x

  3. Thank you Vanessa, it's one of my favourite moments too :)

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