Monday, February 27, 2012


Meet Molly P.

She is learning to play the flute and beats grown ups at scrabble. She looooves watching Spics & Specs and her idea of fun is being carried around the house in a big blanket, then being thrown into bed "again" and "again" and "again". She knows how to use an iphone better than me. She also knows how to put a pram together better than me. She loves making musical instruments out of absolutely anything, decorating cookies, reading the same book over and over, making necklaces out of streamers and is a cutie pie inside and out.

I think back to when I was little and miss how intuitive I was. I always knew what I did and didn't like and fell into my creative bubble at every spare second. I'd listen to Tina Arena on my discman, write songs about love (too much Celine Dion in the house), see how many plastic butterfly clips I could fit in my hair at one time, paint/draw on every blank surface, decorate my room with an overload plastic gerbras, make up dance routines which mostly involved two hands on the heart and shimmy down low over and over...

I'm 25 this year and it freaks me out a little bit. When is it too old to enjoy being childish?

I still love painting, dressing up in funny clothes, listening to music, re-arranging my room, making up dance routines and think I will continue to do so for as long as I like (However I promise to ditch the signature dance move.. sigh... might try a body roll as I bite my index finger?)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent - Eleanor Roosevelt
Hello! I'm not sure if anyone still reads this but it's so nice to be back ...

For a while I struggled to find a purpose to my photography. I felt like I always wanted more and was never happy with my work and worried if it pleased other people. But I’ve come to realise that not being completely content with my artwork is okay and that there is beauty in imperfection. I can also see that it gives me the curiosity and drive to look further and experiment so that I can become a better artist every day.

I had missed photography so much. For me is about escaping reality and getting lost in imagination where there are no limitations and I felt so out of balance without it. I love being able to capture the beauty of life in infinite ways and telling stories, both real and make-believe and I'm excited to be back in my little bubble again to capture it all.

I took this photo of a beautiful girl at the 2011 Falls Festival. I love creating mystery with my photos and thinking about my subjects, what life they might lead and what is going through their mind at the time. This girl still has me thinking...

I have a lot more to say, plenty of photos and collaborative work to share and would love for you to follow me on the journey of Jenna for Jethro.

Happy days...