Friday, July 23, 2010


Lately I've been finding potential in old, unplanned photos that I have taken. I feel like I am looking at them through a new pair of eyes and letting them tell me stories. This photo was an in between shot that I didn't think twice about at the time but I've been looking a little deeper to see what those spontaneous images are trying to say.

Photo: Me (Feb 2010) Model: Jemma


  1. This is absolutly beautiful!
    Vanilah xx

  2. I've missed being able to read all the inspirational thoughts that go along with your photos!
    I gave you a blog award, you can see it at my blog if you want to pass it on :)

  3. It is very beautiful! Sometimes, time totally changes the way we look at things. Also like the text you included in it.

  4. your photos are very ethereal. like a classic painting. :) love them! and resonate with the stardust message too..

  5. This looks so great! It is so good to see you posting again!


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